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beautiful interiors nig. ltd., Established in Nov 1988, is an indigenous company specializing in high class carpentry and joinery works.

This portfolio showcases some of our works, which encompass over 20 years of supplying fine homes, demanding clients and architects with fine doors, parquet floors, stair balustrading and fine cabinet works, in styles ranging from the strictly period reproduction to the uniquely contemporary.

Keeping abreast of new developments in machines and materials is important too, as these often enable us create more interesting and intricate designs at affordable prices. Take for example our unique and exclusive panel carving system on our kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, front and bedroom doors or practically any flat surface, enabling us to personalize your home or office.

A home or office consists of hundreds of individual elements. The skillful selection, combination, and presentation of these elements is the art form that is the essence of beautiful interiors.